• Courses by Grade Level

    6th Grade (block schedule)

    • Math
    • Language Arts
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • PE (for three quarters)
    • Health (for one quarter)
    • Band, Choir, both (students choosing both band and choir alternate days), or Study Hall

    7th Grade

    • Math
    • Language Arts
    • Science
    • American History
    • PE (for one semester)
    • Computers (for one semester)
    • Technical Education (for one semester)
    • Band, Choir, both (students choosing both band and choir alternate days), or Study Hall

    8th Grade

    • Math
    • Language Arts (Advanced Language Arts by invitation)
    • Science
    • Global Studies
    • PE (one semester)
    • Health (one semester)
    • Art (one semester)
    • Engineering or Spanish (one semester)
    • Band, Choir, both (students choosing both band and choir alternate days), or Study Hall

Math Tracks (placement based on grades, common formative assessments & teacher recommendations)

Math Alignment is available in alternate format upon request.
  • Electives at RJEMS

    Engineering - 8th-grade elective
    Engineering is a class where curiosity rules. Where you learn not only how things work, but how you might make them better. In Engineering, you will use the latest design software, advanced materials, and cutting-edge equipment. Engineering is a class buzzing with project-based assignments, like coding, building robots, and making 3D models. While exploring, examining, and experimenting, you will build a foundation in the most vital fields of learning and essential professions needed in the world today and tomorrow. In Engineering, you will be experiencing an exciting approach to education that fuels imaginative thinking and creative problem solving – just the skills that will help you succeed in your education and beyond.

    Spanish/Español I - 8th grade elective
    ¡Bienvenidos! This introductory course is designed for students with little or no previous study of Spanish. It is a high-level course that teaches basic language patterns and vocabulary. In this course, Spanish will be taught using repetition, comprehensible input, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The Spanish culture and language will be introduced through the use of gestures, readings, class discussions, real-life and engaging activities along with written quizzes and tests. Participation in this course is required on a daily basis. All homework assignments in Spanish will reinforce concepts and skills that were introduced and explored in class.

    Advanced Language Arts (by invitation only)
    Debate and Speech are activities that train and encourage students to think critically and objectively, to express opinions and ideas tactfully while presenting evidence-based arguments, and to effectively express themselves in writing. Debate/Speech counts as English credit. Debate begins in the fall and concludes in December. The class then spends the second semester with regular English, which meets the grade requirement for literature, grammar and writing, and Speech. Speech offers a variety of categories to students, in which, depending on preference, the student either finds a professional style to deliver his/her own speech, or he/she may choose to interpret/enact a pre-written speech or script. Debate and Speech is also a competitive activity. Debate/Speech seldom interferes with choir, band, and sports. Students will be encouraged to meet the challenge of competing in the activities. Like other competitive events, there will be an activity fee that will be used to cover registration, transportation, and judge fees. 

    8th Grade PE - Lifetime class
    Lifetime activity physical education class is designed towards non-competitive style play and will include more of the individual sports.  Examples include but are not limited to: Tennis, badminton, pickleball, swimming, golf, walking, archery, rec games, bowling, kickball, cooperative games, yoga, self defense, fitness routines, sliding, along with team sports which include but not limited to: volleyball, floor hockey, team handball, soccer and basketball. If you like activity but are not very competitive this would be your style of course. Please choose according to your movement skill level.

    8th Grade PE - Team sports
    Team sports physical education class is designed towards competitive intramural tournament style play in a variety of team sports.  Examples include but are not limited to: basketball, floor hockey, team handball, dodgeball, soccer, lacrosse, softball, ultimate football, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, nitroball, and will also include a swimming unit. If you enjoy competition and like playing at a competitive level, this would be your style of course. Please choose according to your movement skill level.