• A chart of potential learning model changes Learning Model Decision Making

    A Learning Model Advisory Team has been created to advise and assist in the decisions around the school district’s learning model. The team consists of school district staff, the Itasca County Public Health Nurse, the President/CEO of a local healthcare provider, a local physician, and the School Board Chair.


    The district is committed to using science, data, and the model released by MDE and MDH as the basis for our Learning Model decisions.

    Data Source

    • There are many sources of data reporting COVID-19 cases. The District will use data provided by Itasca County Public Health as its data source. We believe this will be the most relevant, up-to-date, and accurate data.
    • We will use data that reflects the most recent cases and information as provided by Itasca County.
    • Consideration will be given for knowledge of local trends, gatherings, and cases, as well as the effects of these on county rates.

    School districts must take into account not only the county-level case data when determining learning models, but also the number of confirmed cases, quarantines, and close contacts in a school community, each school building within the district, and other data such as individuals with influenza-like illness.


    Our Learning Model Advisory Team will meet on Thursdays at 8:00 to review the data from the previous two week period as well as trends over time. When possible, decisions to stay with a model or switch learning models will be made at regular intervals and communicated to the public.

    *local conditions and spikes in cases may cause these timelines to change, and possibly change quickly


    Decisions about our district’s Learning Model will be made by the school district with input from this team as well as our Regional Support Team in the event there are COVID cases. Staff and parents will be alerted of any change as soon as possible. In the case where a change needs to be made rapidly, the district will try to ensure there is at least some transition time in order for staff, parents, students, and district systems to adjust.

How the county data number is calculated
Case Number Matrix for Itasca County